AR|VR and Serious Gaming applied

VR, AR and serious gaming reinvent your business in a way you can't imagine. We create new experiences in a wide range of business sectors. These are possible applications:



For a crisp, unusual but real experience with your brand. AR, VR and serious games are the new kids on the block for entertainment. An invigorating -yes, we just did that- way of playing games, reading or watching your favorite series or movie. You can still kick off your shoes and lay back, augmented reality technology and virtual reality headsets just make you actively live the things you love most.

Real estate & shopping

No more ugly ass wallpaper or dated furniture. Take your potential customer on a tour around their new home or office in a personalized interior.

Shopping is a great challenge for VR or AR. Not only for real estate but just as well for retail. Augmented and virtual reality technology combined with headsets visualizes the shopping experience to awe your customer.



Education & simulation

Learning by doing. Driving a vehicle, flying a plane, operating on a human being or simply learning to read and write, getting thrown back in history to relive the French revolution. Everything we do is best learned and remembered by own experience. VR and AR offer the possibilities to invest in new ways of learning without spending a great deal of your budget. Serious games are a stimulating way for teaching and learning new subjects. With a dashboard it's possible to extract data from the players and optimize your business strategy.

Distance support

Being transported to the place where you need to be is not an option… yet. Virtually being there… is. If your customer has troubles with anything related to your product or service, it’s a damn easy way of fixing it. VR can be a time and cost-saving solution if your business depends on a high-quality support.


psychology and meditation

Psychology & meditation

Did you know serious games can relieve chronic and acute pain? It’s no joke. Psychological studies have shown that focussing on something else makes us tolerate pain more easily. Being immersed in a game or a world where you have to focus on other things can even be helpful for coping with traumatic experiences. Psychologists and psychiatrists are experimenting with VR in the treatment of emotional problems.


Imagine you can offer your passengers to fly the plane themselves to their destination. Once they’re there, discovering what they would do, see, visit and planning their trip in advance. Taking them through glimpses of the trip they’re about to embark on. Or maybe you got even a crazier idea. Tourism is a sector in which we have a lot of options to offer you as a VR, AR and mixed reality studio. Depending on your idea, we’re happy to make reality of what your customer is dreaming about right now.


social and health care

Social and health care

Medical treatment of phantom limb pain for people who have lost arms or legs is a new area for VR. Bringing entertainment to people who are socially excluded is another one. Think about older people with dementia or with other urgent medical needs who need to be soothed and comforted. VR headsets can be of importance and great medical assistance for medical staff. Serious games with predefined goals have proven to be effective and lead to positive changes in behavior and improved health.